Welcome to AARC
(Austin African Red Cross)
Helping AA members in their time of needs.

AARC is a humanitarian group, put together to provide the basic necessities to Austin African community members when they have nowhere else to turn to. When disaster happens, like fire burning down their residence, most Austin Africans depend on whatever help they can get from American Red Cross and Austin African Red Cross.

AARC also volunteers their time to American red cross and any other groups that needs help.

For a person to receive help from AARC, that person must be registered member for a minimum of 2 years.

Yearly Austin African event-–To award Recognition members, promote talents and to raise money for AARC and upkeep of our building and website

Yearly Health Screening Program—AARC will scheduling yearly health screening program, CPR classes, and flu shot

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$10 is the minimum online donation. All donations are tax deductible. We appreciate your donation to support our effort. We are a non-profit group and we rely on your donation to do what we do.

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If you would like be part of this group. please feel free to contact us, we are always in need of volunteers

Training and Certifications

Free CPR Class
# Registered 20
Free Flu Shot
yearly health screening program

How to get help

Do you need any help? let us know what kind of help you need, we will let you know if its something we can help or not.

Video preview of the Project

Our goal is to have a physical place of our own instead of wasting money on rent, not knowing what the landlord will say to us tomorrow, a place to call our own where we can host more shows, recording studio for music talents, Meeting room, Gym facility ( because we are also looking into the show “biggest Austin African looser”, ) and many more.

To help us make this dream come through, please Donate

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