Who we are

An information website for & about Africans living in Austin, TX, a place for any African person, either new or old in Austin, TX.

A place you can go to find out what is happening among Africans in Austin, TX.

Our goal is to have a site that provides educational and helpful information to Africans in Austin, TX. We accept video and picture adverts for your business(es) and events. We have two categories of Event listing: Public Event is for events that comes with ticket or door fee. Then Private Event is for events that are free to everybody. We also have list of Austin African Businesses, Austin African Organizations, Upcoming events, Health Information,  Sports section featuring Austin African sports and many more.

We are going to be Recognizing Austin African person of the year and organization of the year, people that are making positive impact in Austin African community. We also have Austin African Entertainment center (Available to AA Members only), giving you the best in news, game shows, cooking show, talk show, talent show, African Students Debate on Africans in Austin. Lets not forget Austin African Red Cross (AARC), helping AA members in their time of needs and providing yearly health screening program, CPR classes, and free flu shots. We also have helpful links, a page containing links to other websites that are helpful to Africans in Austin.

We have Jobs & Opportunities -Training, careers etc –(for AA members only).

You can contact us for any thing, via our e-mail or by post, at this point we are not accepting any phone calls, and you can also tell us what you think about our service on our feedback link.

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Please help us send this site to any African person you know living in Austin. Visit our policy page for more info and our benefits page for list of benefits to our members FUTURE:

  • Austin African Entertainment Center:  A physical place we can call our own, no landlord problem,  where we can host our shows, recording studio for music talents, host language class, Meeting room, Gym facility ( because we are also looking into the show “biggest Austin African looser”, ).
  • Hosting yearly Austin African Event to promote talents, Awarding the person and Organization of the year, raising funds for AARC and our future building project.