1. Purpose.
The purpose of this Policy is to regulate the information being provided by us and the information we receive from members. It is also to ensure that this website remains professional and productive to our members.

2. To provide information useful to Austin Africans and to provide entertainment platform where Africans in Austin can promote there events and businesses, showcase their talents, meet and mingle with their fellow Africans and people from their home town.

3. To bring Africans in Austin together as one community by sharing ideas and knowledge through our talk show, Science and technology, health and more.

4. To help the Austin African needy through our AARC program by financially and emotionally providing any kind of help needed at the time.


1. Our website does not offer any form of religion information and we do not accept any religion advert or information.  Anybody is free to be a member regardless of  their religion. This is strictly a social website whereby any African living in Austin is free to be a member. You can express how God has made feel, how grateful you are with what he has done in your life, but do not try to preach to convince people your God is better than theirs or start quoting Bible or Koran.

2. Our events will always start with prayers, all religion prayers are the same, positive and seeking God for our well being  and at the end, we say in Jesus name, non-Christians can choose to keep quiet.

3. We have the right reject any advert or posting that is not inline with our policy.

4. Remember this website does not have an age limit, please keep it clean.

5. No money back on subscription. You can cancel at anytime but your money will not be refunded. We have automatic renewal but if for some reason we could not renew it automatically, we will make every attempt to reach you within one week . Any subscription that is not renewed after one week of expiration will be canceled.

6. Subscriptions can only be paid with paypal using any major credit card or bank card, in person or by mail. please see subscription page for more info.

7. Follow the instructions on the advertisement page for the payment on any advert.

8. Your e-mail and your personal information collected will not be given to any third party, it will only be used for Austin Africans business only

9.  Social Media: We are not on any social media. Non of our videos are on YouTube, Facebook etc. Our videos are housed on AAEC page for members to view. If any of our videos is found on any social media, the person that posted it will lose their membership. This website and its information is strictly for and about Africans leaving in Austin, not for and about the whole world.