People and organizations that have done one thing or the other to help Africans, their own people here or any African in Austin Texas.

The announcer on the screen will explain everything about the voting and nomination and show a demo—-you nominate by typing it yourself, speaking it in your dialect or English and sending us the nomination. Send us the pic but the pic will not be on the page for voting—people will not see the photo, they will only read about the work the person did. The person and organization of the year information and to vote and nominate, you have to be a member.. The winners will be listed here after event

Yearly Austin African event—To award members, promote talents and to raise money for AARC

After the event, the video of the person or group receiving the award and speech and picture slides.

It will be like archive of every year. And story of the group or person on the page and the vote they received compared to others

Click here to nominate: Austin African Organization/Person of the year